The top 5 celeb weight loss diets to avoid in 2019 – from detox teas to drinking your own pee


Welcome to my blog - Fast Weight Loss For You. My name is Sam Neilofer, a 36 yr old Scorpio, with an incredible urge for body fitness and well being. On this blog, I write about my personal experiences with weight loss, diet nutrition, exercises, and other personal stuff.

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  1. AK says:

    Great piece Sammie! I have always been scared to try out detox because of its price. I was going to consider Tea Detox instead but have hesitated in the past because of its price. Their was this article written and it showing the tea was all great. My friends have tried it out and said it works better than pills do. After reading your piece I am unsure what to believe but do you think I should try it or not?

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