Lean Secrets Diet Recipes – Healthy Diet Plan For Women

brenda turner - healthy diet evangelist

Having experienced lots of dieting programs, Brenda Leigh Turner was inspired to create a program, to help people lose weight. From the age of sixteen, Brenda had spent her free time exercising and reading books about nutrition, anatomy, and anything related to a healthy diet. She used to be a personal trainer who used “counting calories” method to lose weight.

Her experiences told her that this method was wasting her and her clients’ times. After years of experiences, she came to a realization of how to lose weight with no diet or hard exercise — just by eating healthy.

A healthy diet plan for women is very important. Unlike men, their body structure undergoes numerous physiological changes at different stages of life. Maintaining healthy eating habits is paramount to avoid obesity.

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Do you like the way Brenda prepares her foods? Bet you do! If you’re looking for a comprehensive program to lose weight, we’d strongly suggest that you at least take a look at 21 Day Fix.

The program consists of plenty of healthy eating tips and recipes, as well as packing a strenuous session of hard exercise into an effective 30-minute workout. The author of the program is Autumn Calabrese, a celebrity fitness trainer, and national-level bikini competitor.

21 Day Fix is a nutrition and fitness program that makes losing weight so simple, anyone can do it. Easy-to-follow portion control and 30-minute workouts take the guesswork out of losing weight to help you see results fast—up to 15 pounds in just 21 days.

Whether you want to lose a few pounds before your next vacation, or jump-start a bigger weight-loss goal, 21 Day Fix is the program for you. It’s simple, it’s fast, and it works on maintaining a healthy diet plan. If you’re ready to get serious, 21 Day Fix can help you lose the weight fast.