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Amazing journey continues 0

Amazing journey continues

To state that I’ve been on one heck of an insane journey because January would be a big understatement. Let’s refer to it as fantastic, insane, amazing — however most significantly, life altering. Back...

Raleigh General Hospital now offering surgical weight loss 0

Raleigh General Hospital now providing surgical weight loss

After finishing his training in bariatric surgical treatment at University Hospitals’ Cleveland Medical Center in 2017, Dr. Adil Khan understood he wished to go someplace he might make a distinction.   For the last 2 years, the State of Obesity...

Healthy approach to weight loss works, dietitians say 0

Healthy approach to weight loss works, dietitians say

ENID, Okla. — When Oklahomans were asked what they perceive as the No. 1 health issue facing their communities, the reply the majority of the time was obesity, according to a 2016 Integris health survey....